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Terms of Use for the website *articles1996*

The terms of use are general rules for using the *articles1996* website, and using the site's services means that the visitor has read and agreed to these terms of use.

The *articles1996* website should not be used for purposes that violate religious principles, terms, and conditions.

Copying, republishing, or making the content of the site available to the public for non-commercial purposes is allowed. When copying or republishing the content, the source must be mentioned, and this is considered part of the ethics of seeking knowledge without forcing the affected party to go through legal procedures.

The rights of trademarks and trade names mentioned on the *articles1996* website are reserved for their owners.

The commenting and participation service on the news in the *articles1996* website is subject to prior monitoring and will not be activated unless it meets the conditions and rules of publication mentioned later.

When submitting a contribution or reporting through the submission form or by commenting on the topics published on the site, the following rules must be followed:
Your contributions should be polite and not offensive to public decency.

Do not adopt aggressive or abusive behavior towards the site's management or its users.

No illegal or offensive contributions, or those containing threats, harm, sexual implications, or discrimination based on race, or any other unacceptable form, will be accepted.

Do not send unnecessary messages or materials unrelated to the topic of discussion.

Advertisements and promotion of commercial products, individuals, organizations, or internet sites, and all other forms of advertising, are prohibited.

Usernames should be polite and not offensive.

Do not indicate other website addresses unless allowed.

Repeating the same comment more than once is not allowed.

The language of the site is Arabic, and comments are allowed in Arabic only.


*articles1996* website uses some programs and add-ons that collect data about browsers. Rest assured that the site does not collect personal data. For more information, please refer to the privacy policy.

Security precautions: We advise against disclosing any personal information, whether yours or others (such as phone numbers, home addresses, or email addresses) on the *articles1996* website in general.

*articles1996* website reserves the right to cancel or delete any contribution or suspend a user account at any time for any reason when not complying with these terms.

The terms mentioned on this page apply to the *articles1996* website and all official services related to the site, including social media pages and any other interactive services mentioned on the site.

Articles and opinions published on the site, as well as all comments, represent the views of their authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the site and the editorial board.

*articles1996* website makes every effort to provide accurate information on this site through summarization, research, translation, compilation, and quoting. It also works hard to verify the accuracy of this information and sources. Despite that, the site cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy and safety of the information. The site is not responsible for the results of experiments, research, and studies included in it.
Changes to Our Terms of Use:

If we decide to change our terms and policies, we will publish these changes on this page, and/or update the modification date of the privacy policy below. Policy changes will only apply to information collected after the date of the change.
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