Deciding on a Birthday Cake

Deciding on a Birthday Cake

Treating yourself to something sweet on your birthday is something that everyone needs to do every once in a while. Even though ice cream and cake are the two traditional types of sweets that people have for their birthday, there are actually different styles of these things that are different for every person. On your next birthday you may be tempted to try some of these sweet suggestions that are listed below, even though they technically may not be a traditional birthday cake!

Take a Splurge and try a Cheesecake!

This is one of the sweet suggestions that would not necessarily be thought of as a birthday cake, but it certainly can be used in place of a birthday cake when it comes right down to it! Some of the best cheesecakes, furthermore, come from The Cheesecake Factory. If you have never eaten at The Cheesecake Factory before then you are in for a bit of a surprise. The main point here, though, is that this restaurant has some of the best dessert cheesecakes for everyone that can certainly spoil you on your birthday! For example, if you like carrot cake then you'll have fun with The Cheesecake Factory's Crazy Carrot Cake Cheesecake. As far as the other types of cheesecakes go, there is a Tiramisu-flavored cake, chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake, as well as an Oreo, Pumpkin, Reese's, and every other flavor under the sun! The Cheesecake Factory definitely has winning birthday cake sweets to treat yourself to!

Combine Ice Cream with Cake!

Another opportunity to have an interesting form of the traditional birthday cake is to make it an ice cream cake. There are plenty of stores and restaurants that now carry and sell ice cream cakes. One of the more well known chain restaurants that specialize in ice cream cakes is Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen has been producing popular ice cream cakes for many years and there are plenty of varieties to suit anyone's tastes and birthday needs! And just remember: if you buy an ice cream cake then there's no need at all to buy a separate pint or quart of ice cream because it'll already be combined with the cake!

Have a Cookie!

Having a cookie for your birthday? This may seem like an odd request, but there are many people who buy cookies for their birthday! But these aren't just any ordinary cookies, though; "cookie cake" is the correct term for them. In fact, cookie cakes are made by many companies around the world and they can be decorated with any type of icing that you want!

These are just some of the types of sweet indulgences to have on your birthday instead of having plain old birthday cake and ice cream! You definitely will not be disappointed with the variety that you ll see! The Cheesecake Factory, Dairy Queen, and those companies who make cookie cakes are just some of the places to start with where you can buy awesome-tasting "cakes" for your birthday!