Elections and Teleconference Technology


Elections and Teleconference Technology

In recent years, teleconference technology has made great strides and poses great possibilities for those who would like to use them to their full range of possibilities. The technology certainly has come a long way from having simple phone lines to do a 3 or 4 or 5-way call among members of a group. Indeed, there are many ways in which teleconference technology has changed the way that individuals interact. One of those ways is through elections. Elections at the local, state, and national level could be made even more effective if the use of teleconference meetings were employed. We'll get to the "how" in just a few lines down, but just consider the possibility of the use of teleconference meetings as it relates to elections. Candidates could use teleconferences over the web to hold whatever programs they want to hold and voting could take place right in your home through the use of teleconferences. 

Important Teleconference Use for Candidates

As mentioned, candidates are now able to use web teleconference technology in whatever manner they see fit. Whether any major candidates ever do use teleconferencing software is another matter, but the fact of the matter is that it is readily available so that all supporters of the candidates can even participate. 

For example, instead of holding a rally at a local spot in a community or village there is the possibility to hold a virtual web conference when using teleconference technology. Not only are participants of this "rally" able to see the candidate through web cams and other options, but they are readily able to cheer them on, ask questions while being forced to take turns, and enjoy this great technology that we call the internet! Let's face it: if teleconference technology were used to this extent there would be important implications for local, state, and national elections. Presidential candidates could face off during a virtual teleconference debate, and the list does go on!

Voting through Teleconferencing

Another way in which teleconference software has not made its debut yet is through voting in elections. Today, elections are still largely conducted in a regular building, such as a church or school, and people mark their ballots using a pen, pencil, or other ballot-marking tool. However, using a teleconference to conducts voting sessions not only would save paper, but it would be a whole lot quicker and more instantaneous than it is currently being conducted.

However, even though there are great benefits that could come from teleconference technology being used in the election process, it has still yet to make its debut. Candidates are not conducting virtual rallies and people are not able to vote through teleconference meetings and software. On the other hand, these processes are probably not all that far off into the foreseeable future! Suffice it to say, though, that if these things were being done today there would not only be many great implications, but thousands of people would see the benefit of the internet and teleconference meetings as well!