Family Artifacts: Gateways to the Past


Family Artifacts: Gateways to the Past

There is a famous saying that says you must understand the past to know where you are going in the future. This is certainly 

true when you think about your past and what that will mean for you and your future.

If you take a look at your family’s artifacts, heirlooms and photos, you will find a huge history in your family that you 

were not aware of previously. This past will clue you in to a number of things, including what your great-grandparents, 

grandparents and parents were like in their younger days to what types of fashions they wore and what they enjoyed doing.

Or, studying family artifacts and records can clue you in to the history of the health of your family and give you an 

opportunity to understand what types of illnesses are common in your family and what you should be on the lookout for when 

you visit your doctor.

Studying family artifacts will also help you piece together the history of your family. Where did your family immigrate 

from? Most likely, artifacts that your family still has will give insight to the lives the family led in their old country 

and give an idea of why they decided that risking it all and coming to America was the best choice for them.

You could most likely spend hours looking at old records, artifacts and photos. It takes you back to a time that you were 

not a part of and never will know firsthand. However, taking the time to look at all of it will give you an idea of what it 

takes to make your future bright.

If you can see examples of mistakes your family has made in the past, you can take those mistakes and in turn find a way to 

keep from making those same mistakes in your own life. You can also find a way to have potential family illnesses diagnosed 

early and taken care of before they turn into serious problems.

So, if you have not already, schedule an afternoon to visit with your Grandparents about the past and ask them to relive 

their good memories with you. Then, ask if you can see some of the mementos and artifacts that they have kept for years. 

They will most likely be excited to share their lives with you and be thankful that you care. You, in turn, will find out 

interesting facts about the past and where your family came from and where you can help take it in the future.

Understanding the past is indeed the key to understanding the future. Take your opportunity to find out more about the 

family artifacts in your family while your Grandparents are still around. They will appreciate your gesture and you will 

sit in awe of the stories and events that they have lived through in their lives.