Romantic Birthday Ideas with you Spouse

Romantic Birthday Ideas with you Spouse

If you are like most people then you are probably thinking that you birthday is just one more year to chalk up to the rest of your life. Although if you're married and it's your birthday then something definitely needs to be said about the romantic factor. Whoever you are married to there always needs to be romance in your marriage with any special occasion and your birthday is the perfect chance to have one of the best times of your life with your spouse. A lot of times spouses celebrate each other's birthdays in the beginning of their marriage, but oftentimes birthdays just turn into a dull and boring occasion throughout the marriage. This should not happen. If it has already happened to you then it's time to stand up and put that zing back into your marriage while celebrating your birthday. Here are a few ideas to make it happen:

Traditional Birthday Dinner

We've all heard about the birthday ritual of choosing a place to go out to eat on your birthday, but if you are looking for a romantic time to celebrate yours or your spouse's birthday then there is nothing better then celebrating the occasion with a romantic birthday dinner. It doesn't necessarily have to be homemade, but it sure is a whole lot more romantic if it is! Try cooking up a couple steaks, barbequed ribs, or your favorite meal along with a candle-lit scene to bring you two into the mood. The dinner can be followed by your favorite dessert and then a more romantic dessert that's shared by the couple.

Take your Spouse Out

There are plenty of ways to be romantic on your spouse's birthday. For example, you can get them the birthday gift that they've been wanting for quite some time and they'll be sure to appreciate it. However, couples should definitely go beyond the gift-giving event of the birthday and do something totally special and out of the ordinary. Going to the movie theater is always romantic, but there are more creative ways to have a romantic time out also. For example, you could have a romantic picnic in the park followed by a round of ice skating. Going to the zoo is also something that many couples usually don't do and a birthday is the perfect occasion to do something like this!

If you have tried all of these suggestions and have found that none of them have worked then it's time to ask your spouse directly what he or she wants to do. Having a romantic time on your birthday definitely is a two-way street, a street in which both individuals should discuss what they want to do. 

Communication is a large part of having the romantic occasion that's being talked about and who knows how to have a romantic birthday better than the two in love? Nevertheless, though, romantic dinners, candle-light dinner, as well as a romantic occasion out on the town are all sure-fire ways to light up the night and romance in a marriage!