Tips for your Next Teleconference

Tips for your Next Teleconference

Whether you are the host of a teleconference meeting or you are a participant there are certain things that you should know about teleconferencing. However, hosts of teleconference meetings usually have more responsibilities than participants do just because of the fact that they are the ones who are putting on the meeting in the first place. If you have tried to have successful teleconference meetings in the past, but they were unsuccessful, then it may be time to try a few new tricks of the trade in order to get more things done. Here are some great tips if you are about to host a teleconference via the web or a telephone.

Teleconference Tip #1: Don't Assume.

Even though you may know everything there is to know about the business or program that you are promoting or explaining, the other people on the teleconference may know very little. It is very easy to assume that the participants already know some of what you are talking about, but it is extremely important to clarify yourself anyway. Even if there are some people on the teleconference who do know what you are talking about it is certainly okay for the host to explain in case there are participants who have never experienced and been involved with the type of program that you are discussing.

Another thing that you don't want to assume is that certain people have already signed onto the teleconference meeting. This is especially important on regular telephone teleconference meetings. Because the sound that you hear may only be a small buzz when someone enters and exits the conference call there may be some people who do not introduce themselves as soon as they enter. So if you are counting on a specific person to be there the best thing to do would be to wait for introductions in order to find out if he or she was able to make it to the teleconference.

Teleconference Tip #2: Use Time Wisely

No one likes a time-waster and the same is true for the participants of the teleconference call. The great majority of people who attend teleconference meetings simply want to find out more information about what the meeting is all about. Since finding out information is the basic goal of the majority of people who are participating then chances are that they don't want to hear a lot of anecdotal stories about how your day went today. On the contrary, keeping the teleconference meeting to the minimum and not wasting everyone's time is what many people would like to achieve from the conference call.

Teleconference Tip #3: Ask for Questions

In order to cater to every personality type who is listening in on the teleconference call it would be a good idea to ask for questions at the end of the presentation. There may be some people who are hesitant about asking questions anyway, which would be a good idea to invite them.

All three of these tips are excellent ways to not only have a successful teleconference meeting, but also to keep the focus of the meeting on track. After all, if it turns out that you do have a successful teleconference meeting then chances are that more people will be attending the next one that you host!