What is a Teleconference?


What is a Teleconference?

There are many ways in which business professionals and organizations hold board and member meetings. Even though they are traditionally held using a typical conference room of a specific building, there are actually more creative ways to hold conference meetings. For example, one of the ways to hold a conference meeting for all of your members is a teleconference meeting. These teleconference sessions not only will accommodate as little as 2 people, but they will accommodate virtually everyone that needs to listen in. Hundreds of participants are able to be on a teleconference meeting at once. If you are wondering just how you can use teleconference meetings in your business or organization, here is the basic principle of what they are and how they can be used.

What Teleconferences Are

Simply put, a teleconference is a meeting between two or more individuals who would like to find out more information about the specific topic of the meeting. Teleconferences are usually conducted over phone calls; however, they can also be done in a totally different way, too. But first let's examine how they are conducted over the telephone. If you have ever heard people speak of the "flash" button on their telephone then the basic principle of a teleconference phone call meeting is basically the same. Participants are able to dial-in to the teleconference meeting using a specific phone number and specific code to open the door, or gateway, for them. The phone numbers are usually 1-800 phone numbers simply because they are usually cost-free for the participants of the teleconference meeting. Once everyone dials-in to the teleconference meeting then everyone is able to hear each other's voices. There can be hundreds of people on a teleconference phone meeting at one time.

The other type of teleconference that was mentioned is a web conference. Web conferences are becoming more popular as more people understand how to work their way through the internet. But the basic idea of the web conference is the same as the phone teleconference, except with more capabilities. For example, participants are able to actually see how many people and the usernames of each person that signs onto the web conference. In addition, both audio and video feeds are able to be heard and seen over web teleconference software. Like phone teleconferences, web conferencing can hold hundreds of people and can accommodate virtually everyone as there is both text to read and audio to hear.

How Teleconferences Can Be Used

Now that you know about what exactly teleconference meetings are then chances are that you probably think more highly of them then before. Teleconferences can be used by all sorts of professionals of all different business genres. The most common use of teleconferences, though, is stock holder's meetings as well as internet marketer's meetings. These are both great ideas for teleconference meetings. However, there are a plethora of other opportunities as virtually any club, organization, or group can use any sort of teleconference software and meeting to accomplish the goals of the group. For example, non-profit organizations like the Red Cross should take teleconferencing capabilities into consideration to further their goals.

All in all, though, teleconference meetings are a great way for individuals to be interactive with each other in order to learn more about what they came to hear. Teleconference meetings have been used for a very long time, and they will be continued to be popular as teleconference meetings become even greater with the inclusion of the internet!