Nature Unspoiled on Guided Tours of Costa Rica

Nature Unspoiled on Guided Tours of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the few safe, democratic countries in Central America and is a perfect spot for guided tours.  Much of 

the country is designated as a national park area and visitors on guided tours can experience the unspoiled and pristine 

natural sited the country has to offer.

Most guided tours of Costa Rica begin in San Jose, the largest city in Costa Rica.  From there, you can enjoy several guided 

tours of your own choosing.  Costa Rica is Spanish-speaking but many tourist areas have those who understand English and the 

accommodations are generally first-rate.

Some guided tours will take you to the Heredia Highlands, the perfect spot to view the huge Poas Volcano and its nearly one 

mile wide steaming crater—the largest volcanic crater in the world.  Then you’ll spend some time on a naturalist-guided tour 

of the La Paz Waterfall Gardens with five waterfalls, an aviary and a butterfly garden.  

After an overnight stay in Arena, most guided tours of the area will take you on a hike over the beautiful Arenal Hanging 

Bridges.  Some visitors may instead elect to take a spa treatment or go on a canopy zipline tour—an adventurous way to spend 

the morning.  You can also take a walk around the town of La Fortuna and spend the afternoon relaxing at the Tabacon Hot 

Springs—and, yes, they’re really hot!  If you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the smoldering lava flow of the Arenal 

Volcano at night.  

Next, you may wish to catch some waves at one of Costa Rica’s beaches.  Many guided tours of the area will allow you the 

opportunity to stop along the way at the Las Pumas Refuge, a hospital of sorts for injured large cats, monkeys and birds.  

Another favorite spot on Costa Rica’s guided tours is the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge.  This is the natural habitat of many 

species of birds, waterfowl and the howler monkey.  This is a tour done by boat and you’ll want to have your camera ready. 

As the refuge is near the beach, you can also schedule a fishing lesson, a surfing lesson or just hang out at the beach, 

soaking up the Costa Rican sunshine. 

From the beach back to San Jose, many guided tours will take you to Guaitil, an artist’s colony of sorts, in which you can 

watch how the artisans make their distinctive pottery just like their ancestors did a thousand years ago.  Another fun place 

is called Sarchi.  This little village is considered the craft capital of Costa Rica.  

In Costa Rica, there are guided tours for everyone—not just for the nature minded.  You can take a cooking and spa guided 

tour that includes a visit to the hacienda of the Ortuno family where you can learn about growing sugar cane, coffee and 

macadamia nuts.  You can also learn about the medicinal uses for foods in the Latino culture. 

There are even guided tours of Costa Rica that involve those things related to black history and black heritage. Visitors 

will learn about their African roots and how Africans first came to Costa Rica in the 1800s to build the railways and to 

work on banana plantations.

There are truly guided tours for every taste and style in this beautiful country.  Explore the choices on the internet 

until you find one that fits your interests and fitness level.